Children in a Changing Climate

Children in a Changing Climate is a partnership between ChildFund Alliance, Plan International, Save the Children, UNICEF, and World Vision International. The coalition's goal is to "advocate for and promote the rights of children in global agreements." A key focus appears to be disaster risk reduction.

Increasingly children’s rights are being acknowledged by key stakeholders, including World Leaders and UN agencies in discussions on climate change and disaster risk reduction. However, more remains to be done, and we continue to call for the inclusion of children and children’s rights, in decision-making and action at all levels; from families and communities to global negotiations.

The coalition is guided by two principles:

  1. Urgent attention, support and action is needed to address the issues faced by children worldwide as a result of increasing climate shocks and stresses.
  2. Children are effective and important agents of change. Opportunities for their learning, action and influence on climate change policy, planning and action should be maximized

CCC's work is centered on communities that are already experiencing extreme challenges due to climate change. The resources published by the coalition's partners include research and frameworks for advocacy and education. Much of the publications collected on the coalition's website are rather high-level summaries of these organizations' work.


Some resources to follow-up on in detail:


  • How can the approaches shared by the CCC partner organizations be adapted to serve children in the United States?
  • How can I more closely examine the social and political inequities revealed through this work?