Imagination and Climate Futures

Arizona State University's Imagination and Climate Futures Initiative builds from the recognition that

Imagination is essential to our ability to create, design and bring about the futures we want. Scientific inquiry, combined with our own dreams, fears and desires, are the building blocks of the future we will create.

I discovered one thread of this center's work several months ago when I read Margaret Atwood's essay, It's Not Climate Change—It's Everything Change. Atwood has been just one of the writers supported by this project. More recently, they published an anthology of cli-fi short stories, which I am excited to read. The title of the collection is drawn from Atwood's essay and lecture.

ICF is an interdisciplinary research organization, and convening writers and artists is just part of its goal to study "the effects of art and culture around climate change in the political sphere."

I love the questions with this research is framed:

How do different imaginations of the future affect decision-making, policy design, technological development and institutional change?

What role does imagination play in mobilizing communities and navigating times of turbulent change and transformation?

More details here.